Whatcom County

Whatcom County
Each of Whatcom County's cities boast their own individual character. From farming communities to urban hubs, these diverse communities await your exploration.


Bellingham Perennially recognized by the national media as one of the best places to live in America, Bellingham is a place that truly has something for everyone. At the top of Sehome Hill, Western Washington University offers a quality education and plays host to world class artists and entertainers. In Bellingham's revitalized downtown, the Mount Baker...


Lynden Surrounded by small farms and agricultural businesses, Lynden is a quaint rural town. The main street of town boasts the city’s renowned Dutch Heritage with several Dutch restaurants and bakeries as well as a large windmill. The city also hosts many popular community events including one the largest in the county, the Northwest Washington Fair.


Ferndale This farming community has much to offer in the way of parks, local history, and a good time.


Blaine Blaine is a border town in every sense of the word. Some of the streets in town end because if they didn’t, you’d go right across the US-Canadian Border. However, this isn’t just a town you blast through on your way from point A to point B. There are plenty of attractions that make Blaine a destination in its own right.

Point Roberts

Point Roberts Point Roberts is the western most point of Whatcom County but you’ll have to boat or drive through Canada to get there. When the treaty of 1846 drew a boundary between western Canada and the U.S. on the 49th parallel it nipped off a small, less than five square mile, block of the lower mainland of British Columbia known as Point Roberts. Today,...
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