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7463 Mount Baker Highway
Glacier , WA 98244


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Here in Whatcom County we have one of North America's most spectacular natural features literally in our backyard - Mount Baker. Long recognized as an important ski area, the Mount Baker Ski Area and its surrounding wilderness also offers tremendous opportunities for hiking, fishing, rafting, biking and even just simply sitting and mountain-gazing. Campgrounds exist in the area, for those so inclined, but for the rest of us, for whom "roughing it" means the dishwasher is on the fritz, there is a civilized alternative. I recently had the pleasure of staying at Mount Baker Lodging's Villa Verde, also known as Vacation Home #19.

Villa Verde, so named for its soft green interior decor, sits on the banks of Glacier Creek. The privately-owned home has four bedrooms, two baths, a cathedral ceiling over the living room, a fireplace, lots of books, TV/VCR, stereo, a beautiful fully-equipped kitchen, linens and towels, a sauna and, outside on the deck, a hot tub. Upstairs, the master bedroom has its own private balcony, where one can sleep with the glass door open, listening the rushing water of the creek. You see, this combines the nice part of camping (the sounds and smells of the outdoors) without getting wet, muddy, or visited by multi-legged creatures.

Villa Verde is one of approximately 30 privately-owned homes offered for vacation rental by Mt. Baker Lodging. The homes range from fairly large and luxurious, like #19, to somewhat smaller and/or more rustic, although none would fall into the range of "roughing it". The homes can accommodate just one or two or up to 12 people, so its a great option for larger gatherings. During peak ski season, these homes are in demand - there is a two-night minimum stay on weekends and a three-night minimum on U.S. and Canadian holidays. The homes are, for the most part, located in one of the three gated communities in the Glacier area: Snowline, Glacier Springs or Mt. Baker Rim.

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not against long as there's a working dishwasher...
Written By: Tanya Perkins
On: 5/19/2000


In Bellingham, take Sunset Drive and head straight out (it turns into Mount Baker Highway). Keep on the highway for about 35 miles right into Glacier.


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