Nooksack Falls

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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
The headwaters of the North Fork of the Nooksack River begin on the glaciered slopes of Mt Shuksan. Flowing through open mountain valleys it winds its way into a deep rocky gorge. The channel narrows as the river fights its way through a dark forest, the trees safely anchored on harder rock. Suddenly it bursts out into the blue sky plummeting, momentarily free, for 175 feet. This is the Nooksack Falls.

The Falls, less than ¾-mile from the Mount Baker Highway, are visited year-round. In the summer, vehicles can drive on the graveled Wells Creek Road and park just before the bridge. The vapors rising from the tumultuous water feel cool and soothing on a hot day. In winter, snowshoers and nordic skiers enjoy the short trip. When it’s especially cold ice formations from the river water and the condensation on trees and rocks can be beautiful.

The best and only safe views can be gained from the fenced area on the rocky and treed bluff that begins at the road. Below the Falls the drama continues as Wells Creek, draining the north slope of Mount Baker joins the Nooksack River. At one time the power of the Falls was harnessed to provide electric energy to the town of Glacier. The wooden pipeline and diversion area can still be seen on the way to the Falls. So much drama for so little effort, the Nooksack Falls are worth a short visit on any trip up the Mount Baker Highway.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 9/18/2000


Head east on the Mount Baker Highway (Highway 542)for about 40 miles or about 7 miles east of the Glacier Ranger Station. Turn right onto Wells Creek Road, also known as Forest Road 33. The falls are about 1/3-mile further.


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