Salmon Ridge


Mount Baker Highway
Glacier , WA 98244


When you can’t resist the desire to play in the snow, head for Salmon Ridge. Located at the Snowpark on the Mount Baker Hwy, it’s a winter wonderland where you can: cross-country ski on groomed trails, snowshoe the gentle valley & marshes along the Nooksack River, ski tour steep untracked roads, discover historic cabins and shelters, observe wildlife and unusual snow formations, and lots more.

For the freshest snow you’ll need to wait for the snow level to drop to 2,000 feet (look for snow on the foothills around Bellingham). Later in the season, as the snowpack builds, you can snowshoe or snow-hike anytime. Stopping at Salmon Ridge also allows you avoid the steep winding drive to the alpine ski area.

From the large parking on the left--when heading toward Mount Baker--enjoy the groomed cross-country ski trails provided by the Nooksack Nordic Ski Club. (Annual Snow-park pass required.) Gentle trails along the river lead to more challenging terrain on higher forested slopes. Across the street (limited free parking), you can find solitude on the Anderson Creek Road or explore the ways that snow and frozen fog transform the Silver Fir Campground. Back on the highway, less than a ¼-mile in the direction of Bellingham, you can park at the Nooksack River Road. Not far from the parking lot find an historic cabin with a short trail to a secluded lake. Further along the road, open areas provide dramatic valley views and sunny lunch spots. Back on the highway, next to the chalet- style highway maintenance sheds, the Twin Lakes Road provides delightful ungroomed snow travel options. Though steeper, the roadway offers stunning views of Mounts Sefrit, Shuksan and Goat Mountain. Enjoy the beauty of this area but be careful that you’re not lured too far into the wilderness (watch out for the busy highway traffic as well).

Whether your in the mood for a winter work out, want to spend time in nature, or seek the solitude of snow draped forest and valley, choose one of the delights of Salmon Ridge.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 2/5/2001


Head east on the Mount Baker Highway 13 miles past Glacier, and just beyond the highway maintenance sheds on the left.


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