Yellow Aster Butte

Twin Lakes Road
Glacier , WA
(360) 856-5700


Yellow Aster Butte trail offers you a visit to one of the most popular alpine locations in Western Whatcom County. A cool forest approach soon opens to meadows and after about 3-½ miles and 3,000 feet of elevation gain, reaches the top of the meadow-topped butte that is your primary destination. From here you can be overwhelmed by the mountain panorama surrounding you. Below you to the south, the gleaming tarns of the lower meadows give little hint at the strenuous gold mining activities that once tore open this peaceful setting.

While the view from here is usually more than enough for most visitors you may see others on their way to different destinations. Climbers may be descending to the west to Tomyhoi Peak, scramblers may continue on to the precipitous rock horn of the north Yellow Aster Butte, and with binoculars it is common to see a couple of climbers on the summit of Mt. Larrabee to the northeast.

Early season visitors will snowshoe and ski but the avalanche danger usually forces most to wait until later in the year. Visit this area in early summer to see the wildflowers that gave the Butte’s their name and enjoy the delightful view of mirrored tarns, white rock outcrops, and stunted trees from this high vantage point.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 9/19/2001


Mt. Baker Hwy (542) to Twin Lakes Road left, just after the Highway Maintenance sheds. In about 4-½ miles, reach the trailhead.
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