Roosevelt Park


1st Mon of Month 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Roosevelt Park has been around for decades however the most recently upgraded is it’s best reinvention yet. Deep in the heart of the Texas neighborhood, at the base of Alabama hill the park offers no shade, making it a great place to go in early spring when direct sunlight it needed to keep the kids warm, however the park can become hot in the late afternoon of summer. The park is an ethnically diverse as the people living in the apartments and houses in the neighborhood, and it is not uncommon for children of all ages to be hanging out in the park.

This park has plenty of parking, restrooms, and two children’s play areas. One is designed for younger children 1 year old to 3 year’s old and the other is designed for much older children, 5 to 10 year olds. Outside of the Elementary schools Roosevelt parks older children’s play area is probably the most challenging play area in Bellingham. Along with the play area is a big hill of dirt -- which might not have the sophistication of the high tech play equipment; however it is equality as fun for a game of king of the mountain or dirt bike riding. The park was also designed for skateboarding, including a long low wall of concrete, and a paved area with mild jumps.

Since the beginning, Roosevelt Park has always had a big soccer field, and this iteration is no different. Along with the soccer field is a secluded basketball court in the far corner, away from the park. There is also a circular paved walking track that is good for young children to practice their bicycle riding.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 5/8/2009


End of Veronia Street off of Alabama.


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