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A friend of mine recommended that I try out a new trail off the Pine and Cedar Lake trail called Raptor Ridge. I chose a beautiful fall afternoon and with husband and dog in tow, we headed off to the Pine and Cedar Lake trail head.

To get to the Raptor Ridge trail head, we had to hike more than half way up the steep Pine and Cedar Lake trail. After about a mile, we stopped to rest on some tree stumps. There was a sign for Pine and Cedar Lakes, but none for Raptor Ridge. Here, there was a trail leading off to the right. This is NOT the correct trail; it disappears into the undergrowth further on. We continued up the main trail for a quarter mile to where it meets another trail leading off to the right. This is the Raptor Ridge trail head.

The trail is wide and quite level. In fact, it slopes gently down through deciduous trees. The sun dappled through the turning leaves and the haunting cry of a large bird somewhere high above made us jump. We felt as if we were moving through a lost world, through the seldom trodden depths of the forest.

A half mile later we came to a rustic roundabout and encountered our first signpost for Raptor Ridge. Turning left, we then crossed several newly-made wooden foot bridges and began to ascend; climbing up stone steps carved in the rock. Suddenly, we stepped out of the forest and onto the ridge. We found ourselves standing on a rocky outcrop with a sheer drop down into a valley. Around us we saw nothing but dense forest and the Chuckanut mountains with the Cascades peeking out from behind. Raptor Ridge is aptly named for it could easily have been the site of a raptor's lofty eerie.

Note: If you have a dog with you, be careful as you near the ridge because the path stops abruptly and your dog may not. It's a long way down.
Written By: Hilary Higgins
On: 10/26/1999


Same as Pine and Cedar Lake trail. From Old Fairhaven Parkway, drive out 12th st. to Chuckanut Dr, bear left on Old Samish. Drive for about 3 miles and watch fro the Pine and Cedar Lakes turnoff and trail head on the right hand side of the road.


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