Mindport Exhibits


210 W. Holly
Bellingham , WA 98225


Sun Noon - 4:00 PM
Wed-Fri Noon - 6:00 PM
Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Midport Exhibits is a science mecca, full of technology, nature, psychology and anthropology displays. It's a restaurant for the brain.
This is a very innovative museum, blending science and art in a way that will stimulate the minds of both adults and children. Its interactive science and art exhibits, brainchild of creater/director Kevin Jones, is planned to foster a sense of "delight and reverence" and to give adults a chance to explore "contemplative fun". It is a museum to discover slowly and to return to.

Mindport is located at 210 West Holly, which has been cleverly renovated to house both public galleries and private workshops. High ceilings, skylights, a hardwood floor, and the tinkle of water flowing in different exhibits provides an atmosphere of instant calm. Turn left after entering to view the current exhibit of local artists, which changes every couple of months. Sit in the beautiful library corner and thumb through a fascinating range of art and science books at a handmade table, or gaze at a compelling diorama crafted by Brown, "House of the Unborn Saints", a personal favorite.

Save plenty of time for the interactive section, where basic scientific concepts such as magnetism, electricity, air pressure, sound, to name a few!, are presented in beautifully made hands-on exhibits that encourage you to think and explore. Each exhibit comes with a manual so that you can read as much as you want to about the concept it illustrates. The sheer craftsmanship of many of the exhibits is wonderful, as in the marbles exhibit named "Marbellous Indeterminacy". Play with the "Backwards Phone" as it records your voice and plays your words backwards. And be sure to stop at the four tank aquatic ecosystem.

Near the entrance is "The Creek", a mini-river created to look like a southwest scene, with moveable rocks and wood pieces that you can use to create dams and floods. Booster steps by this project tell of its popularity with little ones. It would be hard to find a museum that truly serves both children and adults in the holistic way that Mindport Exhibits does. A gem.

There is a fee for the interactive section. Call ahead to arrange for children’s groups (aged five and up), as sensible restrictions apply, such as two children per adult for the under eights.
Written By: Georgie Muska
On: 10/20/1998


From Interstate 5 take exit 253 and follow the signs for the Whatcom Museum of History and Art. Mindport is located on the right hand side West Holly, after Commercial and just before Bay.


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