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Because there are so many colorful characters and interesting, crazy activities going on, Railroad Avenue is a good place to people-watch. But if you haven’t been looking carefully, you may have missed the best place to get a sandwich in Bellingham. Avenue Bread is the little bakery on Railroad with the big slanted windows and black-and-white tile. Inside are marbled tables, local newspapers, and hand-shaped rustic loaves of bread that are baked daily in a French stone-hearth oven. It's not just a bakery, but an espresso bar, sandwich shop featuring soups and salads, and a spot to even pick up a freshly baked doggie biscuit.

At noon, the restaurant is so busy it’s hard to find a seat to enjoy one of the delicious sandwiches. Bread choices for sandwiches include baguette, focaccia, fresh rosemary, sourdough, multigrain, New York deli rye, ciabatta, or pane rustica. The menu is split down the middle featuring "meaty" and "veggie" options. The bread is so good and the sandwich ingredients so fresh, there won’t be any leftovers. Even the last lonely piece of crust cast off to the side of the plate will be devoured.

The bakery also has brioche, foccacia bread, pizza, Italian cheese rolls, panini, scones, cookies, and brioche with pastry cream and fruit fillings. Whole loaves of bread can be purchased, including Pane Alle Chocolata, a breakfast or dessert bread. Avenue Bread tries to minimize the use of commercial yeast and instead allows the breads to rise slowly to increase the flavor.

Avenue Bread feels like a European bakery with the pastel walls and French posters. It's a nice way to escape from downtown Bellingham for awhile.
Written By: Diana Wurn
On: 3/30/2001


On Railroad Avenue downtown Bellingham, between the Bagelry and the Little Cheerful Cafe.


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