Fiamma Burger

1309 Railroad Avenue
Bellingham , WA 98225


Mon-Thurs 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM
Fri 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Sun Noon - 9:30 PM


If you go to Fiamma Burger for a burger, fries, ketchup and a pop you are making a mistake -- they have so much more to offer. Any burger patty can come in beef, turkey, chicken, bison, salmon, or veggie. The beef is 100% natural from misty island farms, with not antibiotics or growth hormones, same with the turkey (Foster Farms), chicken (Isernios), and bison (Twisted S Rand). The salmon is wild Alaska sockeye. They have regular fries along with sweet potatoes fries, garlic fries, and homemade onion rings. Almost everything is made on site: onion rings, fries, ranch dressing, lemonade, salmon and veggie patties and buns are all made at the restaurant. Condiments include ketchup, along with ranch, curry mayo, chipotle ketchup, and spicy mustard. Besides fountain drinks, you can order frozen lemonade slushy, milk shakes, orange bang, beer, Sobo, and Izze sparking juice.

There is always a lot of confused people at Fiamma Burger, partly because it can be very loud (loud music with people talking loudy to talk over the music) and very busy. First step is to wait in the line at the left of the restaurant, pick a drink and choose off of the menu over the counter. You will be given a number, next try to find a seat -- if you are there with a group send someone to find a table before you order since it can be very busy. There is a self service filtered water bar, and condiment area -- get what you need before your food arrives. Once you have eaten, you need to bus your table to the garbage can near the exit. Fiamma burger prides itself in that almost everything that you get delivered to your table they can compost including the wrapper the burgers come in.

Fiamma burger is located downtown on the busiest block of Railroad area along with many other restaurants, where there is only paid parking (however it is only a block from the bus station). The interior is trendy, with wood tables, lots of stainless steel, stylized menu and "food posters". There is limited outside seating to watch the colorful characters of Railroad Avenue.

The atmosphere is busy, fast paced, loud, and you are expected to eat with your hands -- not a casual dining experience more of a food service station. That said, the food you are filling up with is the most healthy (and stylized) burger/fry option in Bellingham
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 6/20/2009


Downtown on Railroad avenue, between the bus station and the farmer's market.


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