Rumors Cabaret


1119 Railroad Ave.
Bellingham , WA 98225


Every day 2:00 PM - 2:00 AM


Rumor’s: not so much a destination, as it is a vibe. In a booth high above the dance floor, a disc jockey can be seen fervently spinning vinyl -- disseminating the groove. And below, the dancers behave and move all as if caught in the same deep trance. The music does not stop; the tracks only fuse into one another. Whole sections of the dense, dancing mass lose their identities and bob and move to the rhythm in a like manner. It continues pounding and unchanging except now and then a dancer leaves the dance floor to down a glass of beer or wine, only to hurry back.

People on the other side of the joint enjoy plenty of seating for socializing. Others are drawn to shooting stick, video games or pull-tabs. And needless to say, there is plenty of visual entertainment during the weekly drag show. While the club still caters to the local gay community and supports local gay organizations, in recent years, Rumors has also welcomed a large str8 clientele. First and foremost, however, Rumor’s is a place to dance -- seven days a week, gay and straight patrons alike.

Lights constantly flash and fade and the incessant, pounding beat resonates from the dance floor. Faces grow rapt, shoulders fall slightly forward. Each person becomes part of the dancing body, and the soul of the body is the rhythm. That’s the vibe that is Rumor’s.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 1/13/1999


From Lakeway, take Holly Street downtown to Railroad and go left. It's two blocks down on the right.


Over 21 | Pool/Billards | Pull Tabs | Beer and Wine


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