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Never, in the history of Bellingham, has the reopening of a restaurant been as eagerly awaited as the reopening of the Shrimp Shack. After 27 years of operation at the original location on Holly Street in Old Town, the Shrimp Shack closed its doors when the City of Bellingham acquired the property for an expansion of Maritime Park. After a five year hiatus, The Shrimp Shack threw open the doors of its brand spanking new location on Cornwall to throngs of Bellinghamsters eager to consume boatloads of fish.

Eighty per cent of all restaurants go bust in the first three years. Only women’s clothing stores have as high a failure rate. So what does a jam-packed restaurant say about the Shrimp Shack after 27 years plus a five year absence from the already crowded restaurant market in downtown Bellingham? Something has to be pretty damn good about the place.

I’ll be quite frank and tell you I go there as often as I think I can get away with, in terms of wallet and waistline. And I’m there for the shrimp. The Whiskey Crab soup is delicious, yes. The Halibut is quite good and I’m sure the scallops and clam strips have their merits. Sure, they have salads. I think I saw someone order one once. However, I regard all these as distractions; tricks to lure me into filling up on something other than the amazing shrimp. The Shrimp.

It is with great difficulty that I order anything besides the shrimp. Regular shrimp with fries or double shrimp and fries or just the plate of shrimp. The shrimp are large, the breading is actually a complement instead of a detraction and they are cooked to perfection. Rumor has it that the owner is unable to let go the helm in the kitchen because he has been unable to find a cook that can meet his demanding standards.

It’s the shrimp that keeps me coming back and inspires the kind of loyalty that keeps a restaurant open for 30 plus years. The key to restaurant longevity is consistency and the Shrimp Shack consistently delivers great tasting seafood.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 12/9/2004


Go down Cornwall towards the water until you cross Chestnut -- there it is on the corner.


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