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Fifteen different kinds of gourmet salads sit in the glass case at the Swan Café in the Community Food Co-op. The amazing thing is not that the items are all organic and fresh, but that for food that’s so healthy, it tastes great. The basil asiago turkey salad is a favorite and goes fast. The variety of cous cous salad, sesame noodle, and a garlic lover's pasta salad are also tasty and popular.

Besides the array of salads, other deli items include tofu cutlets, grilled fish, herb roasted chicken, tofu steamed buns, broccoli cheddar croissants or organic macaroni and cheese. The entrees change daily, but many of the salads are made regularly. Most are vegetarian and some are even vegan. The coffee is the Food Co-op's own "'hamster blend" and refills are free. The relaxed atmosphere at the café has made it popular for groups and for students taking a break from campus. The high ceilings and windows light up the dining area in a cheerful way, even on dark cloudy days.

For breakfast, the café often has blueberry and banana vegan muffins, which seem to taste better than regular muffins and inspire much less guilt. In fact, practically everything in the café is guilt-free, except for the pastries. Most of the cookies are made with or without dairy products. Gooey brownies and cinnamon rolls frequently line the shelves.

The Community Food Co-op has been operating for over 30 years and has grown into an upscale grocery store with a focus on organic and recycled products. Membership at the coop is not required to use the store or dine at the Swan Cafe.
Written By: Diana Wurn
On: 6/17/2001


The cafe is at the corner of North Forest and Holly Streets.


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