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Teriyaki Bar
A favorite of the downtown lunch crowd, the Teriyaki Bar offers large portions at lunch prices. The restaurant is modern with a contemporary counter and luncheon tables. The food may be Japanese but the speed and convenience are definitely American, with styrofoam to-go boxes available for those on the run.

The menu is composed mainly of chicken and beef teriyaki and curry dishes, served with steamed Japanese rice and sunomono salad. Serving size on the rice is nothing short of enormous. The sunomono salad is a variation of green salad with shredded cabbage and a sweet, tangy dressing. Chicken is cooked on the bone with their trademark teriyaki sauce. The curries may not look that pretty, but they are quite good, served over a mound of steamed rice. Tasty and a bit spicy, the curry has a mild bite, but not overwhelming. There is also a wide selection of teriyaki burgers, including a vegetarian garden burger. Buckets of chicken are available to go and delivery (with a $10 minimum) is offered free within a three-mile radius.

The ambience is light and bright with high ceilings and hanging plants. Tall bay windows look out on the street and passersby on West Holly. Large, glossy photographs hang on the exposed brick wall inside -- images of Asia, Anarctica and the U.S. In both atmosphere and food, the Teriyaki Bar is a mix of Japanese flavor and American sensibility.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 10/10/1998


Down Holly Street from Lakeway, The T-Bar is on the left past Cornwall Avenue and before Commercial.


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