Little Squalicum Park


Corner of Eldridge and Lindbergh Avenues
Bellingham , WA 98225


Photo Credit: Jamie Heeringa
Blink and you’ll miss it. At the corner of Eldridge and Lindbergh Avenues, a stone’s throw from the Bellingham Technical College, lies a magical place that few know about.

Little Squalicum Park is reached from the main road by walking around a small unmarked gate on the left side of Lindbergh and then down a gentle dusty hill. The land itself was originally bought by Edward and Theresa Eldridge as a 320-acre Donation Claim in the late 1800s. Wild blackberries grow lushly all down the slope, waiting to be eaten in the late summer. Large trees along the trail bend to greet you. There is a mild fresh scent of nature that seems to bring about calm.

In summer, Little Squalicum is a perfect place to come and relax and watch the waves lap lazily along the shore. There are many fallen trees that make easy benches for resting upon as gulls fly in lazy circles above. It’s also a perfect place to watch the skies for planes arriving and leaving from the Bellingham Airport. For the kids, farther down the beach, there is a rope swing and the moist sand makes for easy sand castles. In the fall and winter, it’s a great excuse to bundle up and get outside to watch the sun set over the bay.

Even on a cloudy day, the views of Bellingham Bay and the islands beyond are incredible. The beach itself is littered with bright green seaweed and enough interesting rocks and shells to bring home treasures on every visit. This rugged beauty of Little Squalicum is its main appeal. Every season can be enjoyed walking its shores or exploring the trails and park surrounding the beach.

Parking is at Eldridge and Lindbergh, Bellingham Technical College and on W. Illinois St.
Written By: Elisa Ward
On: 9/25/2000


From downtown, go up Holly until it turns into Eldridge. Follow Eldridge towards the airport until you reach the intersection at Eldridge and Lindbergh. Look for the slope downwards to the park.


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