Good Earth Pottery


1000 Harris
Bellingham , WA 98225


Tues-Sat 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Good Earth Pottery is a small gallery that embraces the visitor with layers of color, shape and a chorus of creative voices. I'm not referring to literal music but rather the wide range of originality, talent, experience and artistic inspiration found in the hundreds of pieces offered at Good Earth. Located in historic Fairhaven, the gallery showcases the work of approximately 15 or so Whatcom County artists - in fact, this makes the gallery unique. The gallery's offerings are exclusively Whatcom County produced, which makes it an excellent place to find items truly representative of our local talent. Good Earth Pottery products are of a wide variety and include serving bowls, platters, mugs, goblets, soap dishes and dispensers, candleholders, decorative tiles, planters, wall ornaments, as well as truly distinctive objets d'art.

The gallery has been part of Fairhaven, and located in the same building on the corner of Harris and 10th, for thirty years. The main floor is fairly open, with a showroom at the front and a studio for potters at the rear, which is visible to visitors. Behind the building is a small shed housing the gas-fired kiln. Not knowing very much about the pottery process, I found it fascinating to learn that the kiln can reach temperatures as high as 2300° F. The potter can control the appearance of the finished product by manipulating the amount of oxygen and/or smoke in the kiln during the firing process. By cutting off the oxygen supply during firing, the fire is forced to actually draw oxygen out of the clay itself. This process, called high temperature reduction, results in a dramatic intensity of color in the finished product. The gallery has many beautiful examples of this technique.

In this world of endless mass marketing, national warehouse chains and one-size-fits-all conveyor-belt production, the hand-made offerings of Good Earth Pottery are unique treasures, at prices well worth the work and artistic fire that went into their creation.
Written By: Tanya Perkins
On: 12/30/1998


From the downtown area, get on State Street heading south. Follow it around as it turns into 11th street and you will arrive in Fairhaven. Turn right on Harris. Good Earth will be on the right at the intersection of Harris and 10th.


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