Fairhaven Village Green


In bigger cities you encounter these internal city parks that consist of a half a block carved out amongst the buildings and stores. Fairhaven Village Green is just that, a unique park in Bellingham if in only the fact that is has no trees, no playground equipment, and in and of itself it isn’t a destination location. Fairhaven Village Green is an outdoor meeting place and committee center for activities in Fairhaven including: the Fairhaven farmer’s market, outdoor movies, and Dirty Dan Harris Days.

Fairhaven Village Green consists of a rectangle of mowed green grass framed by a brick walk away. On three sides are arbors with roofs used to shelter the vendors on Farmer’s market day. On the other side is a slightly raise concrete stage behind it is a wall with a movie screen painted on it. The rest of the wall consists of a mural by Lanny Little. There is additional art that consist of a sculpture of Dirty Dan Harris, on a bench. There are public restrooms, under the stage, benches for sitting and a drinking fountain one for people, the other for dogs.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 6/12/2009


Downtown Fairhaven, behind Village Books.


Bathrooms | Wheelchair Accessible


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