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Photo Credit: Jamie Heeringa
Marine Park isn’t a big park. It doesn’t have swing sets or baseball diamonds or tennis courts. It doesn’t have jogging trails or grassy fields. It’s not in a remote area, far off the beaten path. What it does have is a quiet stretch of land along the bay with a fantastic view of the sound and San Juan Islands.

The narrow strip of land that comprises the park is huddled behind the shipyards of Fairhaven. There is a covered picnic area and a few lonely park benches strewn along the waterfront, but is otherwise free of buildings. It is surprisingly peaceful -- the only sounds that can be heard are the drone of ships in the harbor and the calls of seabirds. The shoreline is abrupt even at low tide, as are many of the Puget Sound's beaches -- a short ridge created out of boulders and concrete between grass and ocean. The park is perhaps best experienced at sunrise or sunset when the dramatic light dances on the water and the ridges of the islands.

Although not part of the park itself, access to the railroad tracks can be easily had near the park's entrance or by climbing the trestle in the corner of the park. A short walk down the tracks will bring one to a small grassy point with interesting rock formations, just parallel a ringing bell buoy. From here, the view is even more magnificent, with views of the San Juans and waterways just northwest of Burlington. On a clear day, the outline of the Olympic Range is visible in the distance. The beach and train tracks also offers an interesting vista stretching to the south along the shore -- and an invitation to walk along the water further.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 10/28/1998


From 1-5 Old Fairhaven Parkway exit, go down the parkway to 12th street and go right. Turn left on Harris and follow the road to the water and the park.


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