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1208 11th St.
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Colophon Cafe
It would be safe to say that the social nucleus of Fairhaven can be pinpointed somewhere within the walls of the Colophon Café -- perhaps near the old elevator downstairs or beside a bookshelf. The café shares space with Village Books on Harris Avenue and offers people a place to meet, converse, read books and dine. The powerful attraction of good food and books has made it one of the most popular places in Fairhaven.

There is no real separation between bookstore and café. Upstairs, there is only a partial wall between the counter and booths of the restaurant and the bookshelves. Downstairs, the main dining area is sandwiched between the two other parts of the bookstore, with patrons of both businesses intermingling. The downstairs offers dining at tables with a maitre d’ and menus. This area is often quite busy and humming with conversation. The upper level serves more as a quick stop for those who want coffee or dessert, the '50’s-style soda fountain stools and booths occupied by book readers and coffee drinkers, for the most part. My favorite quirk about this unique restaurant is the hollow tube in the counter upstairs that workers use to call down to the kitchen. The person above can then use the dumbwaiter behind the counter to bring food up from below.

The lunch and dinner menu is composed of soups, salads and sandwiches. Turkey, chicken, fish, ham and veggie combinations are offered on bagel, Russian rye, wheat and sourdough breads. There is an interesting selection of soups to choose from: African Peanut, Mexican Corn & Bean and Clam Chowder being a few. Soups change daily, but there are monthly calendars for those who want to plan ahead. I personally recommend the homemade desserts -- they alone are worth the trip. The desserts are big enough (and rich enough) for two. A partial list includes Chocolate Chunk Cake, Irish Crème and fruit pies, cobblers, turnovers and several different cheesecakes.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 10/10/1998


From Old Fairhaven Parkway, go right on 12th Street, left on Harris Avenue and right on 11th. Colophon is on the left, mid block.


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