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Fino’s is the delight and dread of every restaurant reviewer. Delight because it is such a special and unique restaurant and dread for the very same reason: how does one accurately describe the experience? If you’re one of those people that doesn’t read beyond the first paragraph I will tell you now that it is the finest restaurant in our fair city. If you care to read beyond, I’ll take my best stab at it.

Part of the Chrysalis Hotel on the south side, Fino’s enjoys a fantastic sweeping view of Bellingham Bay and overlooks the boardwalk that connects Boulevard Park with the south end. From the outdoor deck, one can enjoy a rare sunny day but the interior has plenty of glass to take advantage of the view, and can be all the more cozy on a stormy winter’s day. The interior is well designed -- understated and not overdone.

A restaurant reviewer for a well known Seattle newspaper once said that the restaurants along Chuckanut Drive were either known for their food or their view, but not both. Although not on Chuckanut Drive, Fino’s should be put in the same class as the more established restaurants 15 minutes to the south. I can tell you that at Fino’s, you have both the food and the view.

But it is a restaurant, after all, so let’s talk about the food. This is what sets Fino’s apart. And food is hardly a good enough word for it. The dishes are mainly conglomerations and composites representative of regional European cuisines. The first thing that strikes the patron is that none of the dishes on the menu are completely familiar and I’m no stranger to European cuisine. I have particular tastes so when looking over the offerings I was a little uncertain what to order. I am usually quite careful about "reading" the menu as to which entrees are the specialties of the house are and what has been added to give the impression of selection and variety. No such skill is necessary at Fino’s. I tell you this, and it is something that can be said about very few restaurants, is that you can choose anything from the menu and be delighted.

I challenge you to find the richest of flavor, the complexities and the subtleties of Fino’s at any other restaurant in town. Freshness is the key to great cooking, and any chef who wishes to excel must work with the materials available locally. Fino’s uses local seafood and produce to great advantage and the preparation is amazing. I know a perfectly cooked scallop when I’ve had one, and one need not drive to Seattle to find it. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve had overcooked shellfish at restaurants in Seattle that present themselves as high end.

Quality is easily detectable, and renders every dish on the menu a pleasure. The service is impeccable and the view is impressive. Overall, this restaurant ranks at the top for Bellingham and guarantees a memorable experience.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 9/19/2004


Drive down State Street headed south bound from downtown. When you come to the sign that says "Boulevard Park", turn right and then immediately turn left again instead of entering Boulevard Park. Fino's is inside the Chrysalis Hotel building on the right, down about two blocks.


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