1200 Harris Ave.
Bellingham , WA 98225
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Sun 4:00 PM - Midnight
Mon-Fri 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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Above Fairhaven sits the symbol of the black cat, silently watching the goings-on of the streets below and the water beyond. The intimate restaurant it marks affords its patrons the same view, while transforming this corner of Bellingham into an intriguing and somewhat eccentric French alleyway-- complete with drooping dark green plants and iron fences. Modeled after the original cabaret opened in Paris in 1881, Le Chat Noir is a restaurant with an artistic and mysterious feel. Oh, for the stories these walls could tell.

The atmosphere at Le Chat Noir is equaled only by the food, which is not the common menu standard you might find elsewhere. Here there are bacon-wrapped water chestnut appetizers (a personal favorite—they’re more addicting than you think!) and large dinner crepes stuffed with seafood, vegetable and cheese combinations. I tried a Greek salad mounded with crumbly feta cheese and kalamata olives, with a cup of the soup du jour: corn chowder. The chowder, not too thick and creamy as I anticipated, consisted of a light, spicy broth with corn, potatoes, and long strings of melted cheddar in every bite. In addition to the crepes, salads and soups (clam chowder and French onion served daily), Le Chat Noir also offers several chicken dishes, pizzettes, pastas, and tender cuts of steak. Surely there is something here for everyone.

The prices, while higher than those at casual restaurants, remain extremely reasonable for the excellent food and experience they provide. This place is a great excuse to get dressed up for a drink at the bar or to celebrate an intimate dinner. So go to Le Chat Noir for the food or the view if you must, but if for no other reason, go to experience the ambience. It’s like none other I’ve found in Bellingham.
Written By: Kimberly Baer
On: 1/28/1999


Drive west on Old Fairhaven Parkway. Turn right on 12th. Le Chat Noir is three blocks down on the corner of 12th and Harris, on the third floor of the Sycamore Square Building.


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