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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
Cornwall Park is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill city park with perfect shrubbery, beauty bark and impeccably manicured lawns. It is a northwest park through and through, populated mainly by large firs, hemlocks and cedars, which block out the sun. The temperature under these trees is 10-degrees cooler than outside the park, and, true to form, the ground is covered with ferns and pine needles.

There is no road through the park, only two entrances that don’t quite meet in the middle. However, they offer access to the recreational areas in the park. There are tennis courts, jogging and fitness trails, bike routes and the obligatory park benches, childrens' playground and public bathrooms. Interestingly enough, there are so many horseshoe pits lining the center of the park, a national shoeing competition could be hosted at Cornwall. The Jackson Fitness Trail is designed with a number of different stations along the route for various exercises. The jogging trails are less defined, winding over roots and rocks through the woods. There are also moss-covered benches tucked deep in the park for the less-ambitious visitor.

At both edges of the park and tucked away inside, stretches of green grass present themselves for volleyball and baseball -- although summer is the only time of year dry enough for these sports. The newer part of the park now offers a wading pool and covered picnic area. Here you will also find a bridge and an area to walk along Squalicum Creek where it flows through the park.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 10/4/1998


From the I-5 Meridian exit, drive south on Meridian Street toward the city's center. Past the country club, two park entrances will be on the left past the Birchwood intersection.


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