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Cascade Pizza
It’s a shame that marketing reasons demand concise names for businesses because too often the name of a great restaurant cannot tell the entire story. Such is the case with Cascade Pizza: Though it does toss a great slab, the name represents only one of its outstanding products.

In a Utopian society where name length had no limits and the size of signs were not bound by zoning restrictions, Cascade Pizza would require a much larger sign outside its Lakeway Drive and Meridian Street restaurants, which might read something like, "Cascade Pizza Featuring Bellingham’s Best Crust, Planet Earth’s Best Lasagna and Unofficial Hangout For Whatcom County's Law Enforcement Officers." However visionary that name may seem, it is accurate.

If you are like most pizzavores, you devour every part of the pie until you reach its indestructible crust, which you then cast off either to your trained-to-beg-for-crusts dog or to pile by the fireplace to use for kindling. But Cascade’s pizza crust is not only edible, it is something to look forward to while you chew your way through the toppings -- just be careful not to choke yourself in a mad sprint to reach the crust. If blockage in the esophagus does occur, chug a generous portion from your soft drink pitcher -- after all, refills are free-of-charge.

Among its many lasagna choices, the pepperoni lasagna is best. Cascade’s is not only excellent lasagna, but the portion is generous. Along with the salad and garlic bread you’ll receive before the oven-baked, personal dish arrives, ask for a doggy bag and prepare to get rolled out of the restaurant in the wheelchair you’ll need to bring.

On account of all the cops that frequent it, the Meridian location is probably one of the safest places to eat -- provided you don’t drink too many cocktails and crack an ill-advised donut joke to one of Whatcom County’s finest.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 10/10/1998


To find Cascade Pizza on Meridian just look for the restaurant in the Fountain District where all the police cars are parked.


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