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If it can be done in a swimming pool - chances are you can do it at the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center. You can put in your miles swimming laps, slide and splash down the slippery water slide, practice rolling a kayak, join an adult pool exercise program, compete on a swim team, learn to lifeguard, practice your flips and spins in the diving area, don a scuba tank and explore the undersea world and, best yet, finish off each visit with a relaxing soak in the hydrotherapy pool.

As citizen and City Councilman, Arne Hanna gave freely of his time and money during the last years of his life to insure that we would be able to enjoy this facility today. The Aquatic Center proves that a facility can succeed when trying to be many things to the community it serves. Along with this success, the cheerfulness, warm welcome and tireless community service demonstrated by Arne continues at the center dedicated to him.

A small lobby allows visitors and non-swimmers to view the pool activities or they can enter and sit pool-side at one of the patio style tables. Swimmers enter through the changing rooms where lockers are provided. Near the entrance is the shallow recreation pool, only 3 ½ feet deep with a sloped "beach" type entry. The 135-foot water slide empties into this pool and a water fountain (the blue horseshoe) is a favorite with younger children. From the top of the slide, views through the bubble window prove why some people describe the pool’s location as center field for Joe Martin Baseball Stadium.

The main pool is 25 yards long and provides up to 8 lanes. Depending on the schedule, some or all of the lanes are available for lap swimming. Portions of the pool may also be open for recreational swimming or water exercise classes. There is a separate 12-foot-deep dive tank with a 1 meter diving board for those who can’t resist mixing air and water. The hydrotherapy pool is located in the quiet, far corner and is surrounded by large windows. This large "hot tub" can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably.

The Aquatic Center can also accomodate those with special physical needs. Participants can use the "beach" entry into the small pool or ask for lifeguard assistance to access both pools and the hot tub. Lift assistance is available as well. In addition, various life vests and floats are available for use. Finally, the Adapted Aquatics Program, a free service, links special needs swimmers with volunteer assistants.

The program schedule at the center is fairly constant so participants can establish their routines easily. Swimmers can pay on a per visit basis or select from various passes to suit their use. The schedule also contains special times for half-price lap and recreational swimming. You can even rent part or all of the facility for private events. Special events are also scheduled throughout each season and activities are varied for interest and age group. Occasionally, late night swims and other "after-hours" events are also announced. The Aquatic Center is open year-round so cold weather or rainy skies are no reason to miss your favorite water activity.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 2/24/2000


The Aquatic Center is located in the Civic Field Complex next to Joe Martin Baseball Stadium. From I-5, head east on Lakeway (away from downtown )about 1/4-mile. The Aquatic Center is on the left.


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