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Big Rock Garden
As one of Bellingham’s least-known parks, Big Rock Garden is also one of the most unique. The 2.7-acre garden is part of a 9.2-acre woodland overlooking Lake Whatcom. The garden is packed with an eclectic group of sculptures as well as native and exotic plants, trees and shrubs. A paved parking area provides access to the garden; inside the garden’s fences, visitors will find a packed gravel path to direct them to the various sculptures, plants and landscaping marvels.

Big Rock Garden also has restrooms, a greenhouse and tool building. Stop and rest at the elevated deck area at the bottom of the garden. There, you may sit in benches or chairs and soak in a glimmering view of the lake and its surrounding hills. You may also walk through the woodland trail of the park. Located outside the garden’s boundaries, walk east behind the water tower. The trail begins at the edge of the woods and winds through a mixed-growth forest for about a half-mile. A bench overlooking the lake is perched in the clearing at the trail’s endpoint.

The city purchased the park in 1993 from the family of former city council member George Drake. The family created the garden in 1980 as a nursery and art sculpture gallery. The original intent was to create a small family business that could provide opportunities for mentally handicapped people. As the surrounding areas are developed, the park will become an island of forest on the Silver Beach skyline.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 10/19/1998


Located in the Silver Beach Neighborhood, Big Rock Garden is on the north side of Alabama Street at 2900 Sylvan Street. You’ll see the sign on the right near the top of the hill.


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