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You know the place -- during the hottest days of summer, the journey to its cool waters requires one to first wade through a sea of treacherous, screaming, picnicking humanity. Seagulls and crows raid garbage cans and unguarded barbeque pits. A lifeguard perched high in a chair shouts a continuous stream of incoherent, yet loud, warnings at kids horsing around somewhere out on the docks. Jet skis and powerboats buzz around in the distance, as do crazy bees on a wood-stained deck. Finally you get there -- into the most soothing, sky reflecting blue water. Ah, the public swimming hole. You know the place -- Bloedel Donovan Park and Pavilion, located at the western-most end of Lake Whatcom.

Really, it’s only that way for one month of the year. In reality, Bloedel’s a pretty cool place. It is one of the few places in the city dog owners can let the mutts loose without having to anticipate that first glimpse of the animal control’s hot-dog wagon and subsequent citation. Fido also has plenty of birds to chase. Above the lake and past the parking lot, Bloedel has one of the best soccer fields in the city -- and what a location for it! After a grueling and muddy practice, nothing treats you better than a cool plunge off one of the docks and into the melted snow.

The Parks and Recreation Department recently added an outdoor basketball court at the Bloedel facility, and most days the court activity could be mistaken for a scene from the movie "White Men Can't Jump." It also has the lake’s only public boat launch within city limits, and concession stands and watercraft rentals in-season. The pavilion building at Bloedel is host to many community events. It is a polling place, a community basketball gym and may be reserved by contacting the Bellingham Parks and Recreation office.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 2/18/1999


Drive east up Alabama Hill and turn right at the end of the street where it meets the lake. Turn left at the second entrance on the left.


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