Civic Field Dirt Jump Park


Puget Street just north of Lakeway
Bellingham , WA


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The Bellingham BMX Dirt Jump Park, opened in 2004, is located next to the skateboard park on Puget Street, part of the Civic Field complex of sportsfields. Built on Bellingham Parks & Recreation property, the seed for this park was planted by a Bellingham teenager who was looking for a place to practice dirt riding. A win team of the teenager, a local grad student, WHIMPS (Whatcom Independent Mountain Pedallers), an engineering company, a construction company, along with many volunteers, created the park, which stands as a testament to volunteer effort.

The site is approximately 120 by 200 feet, and has been graded into six parallel lines of dirt obstacles ranging from 2 feet to 7 feet high, from beginners to intermediate, so bikers can progress to different levels. Riders begin at the drop in hill closest to the skateboard park. The runs line up like this (#1 being furthest from the road):
  1. A low single dirt mound for beginners.
  2. A series of five ‘tabletop’ hills, where riders practice the skills needed for runs 3 -6.
  3. A series of four ‘gap’ jumps -- here’s where you catch some air.
  4. 4 and 5 are more difficult sets of ‘gap’ jumps with steeper lips, built so you can also transition between these two runs.
  5. See 4. above
  6. A set of lower jumps for practicing race jumps.
The park is free and follows the city parks system of being open during daylight hours. The park is unsupervised. Spills happen: safety helmets are essential, and gloves and adequate padding are strongly advised for riders young and old. This is a great enhancement to Bellingham’s public spaces, a place both for young and inexperienced riders, and also for the pros who want to beef up their skills before heading for the hills.
Written By: Georgie Muska
On: 9/22/2004


The park is not far from the freeway, take exit 253 and continue east on Lakeway Drive, turning left on Puget Street. The park will be on your right just after the skatepark.


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