North Lake Whatcom Trail

North Shore Drive, Lake Whatcom
Bellingham , WA 98227
(360) 733-2900


The North Lake Whatcom Trail offers year-round enjoyment. Cool in summer, snow-free in winter, damp but not too muddy in Fall and Spring, this lakeside trail never fails to deliver on its promise. The 3-mile trail (6 miles roundtrip) follows the old railroad grade of the romantically named Blue Canyon Mine. The trail winds along the forested shoreline threading past intimate little coves. Rain, so bothersome on other trails, creates misty lake views, patterns on the water, and feeds gushing waterfalls flowing over sandstone cliffs.

Few trails have as much user diversity as this one: dogs walking their owners, young people swinging on ropes over their favorite swimming holes, joggers, fly-fishing enthusiasts, bicyclists, and of course hikers enjoying a pleasant walk in the woods. Despite its popularity the winding layout of the trail usually provides enough separation to keep such varied users happy.

The trail is fairly easy and level with only a few creek crossings and muddy spots though rocks and bridges generally take care of these. While seemingly idyllic don’t forget that there are no houses, lifeguards or restrooms along the way. The trail ends at a barrier fence next to private property that should be respected, though some day an easement could make this one of the finest loop trails in Whatcom County. So whether it’s the dog, the kids, or even your own desire, don’t forget the convenient delight waiting for you at the North Lake Whatcom Trail.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 9/18/2000


Head east on North Shore Drive around Lake Whatcom to the road’s end.


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