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Perhaps the jewel of all Bellingham city parks, Whatcom Falls offers a nearby wilderness getaway.
Bellingham has some great urban parks, and Whatcom Falls Park may be its finest. A veritable 241-acre jewel, the waterfalls eternally beat in the heart of the city. From the central parking area, the roar of the water attracts visitors to a paved path leading to a sandstone bridge that spans Whatcom Creek. From there, the main waterfall may be appreciated. The bridge is impressive: a beautiful vestige of Chuckanut sandstone built in 1939 as a project of the Roosevelt-sponsored Works Progress Administration.

Areas of the park near the creek are wooded with indigenous trees and shrubs. Past the bridge, the park’s trails become dirt and gravel paths that lead to other sections of the creek. Leashes are not required for dogs in this section of the park. Aquatic adventurers are familiar with a section of the park known as "The Whirlpool," where daring swimmers leap from a 60-foot cliff, plunging into the cold waters below. However, this is not a supervised swimming area, so jump at your own risk.

Those who have visited the park know there is a lot more to Whatcom Falls than just waterfalls. The eastern-most half of the park consists of fields, tennis courts and a fish hatchery. Groups may also reserve covered picnic areas by contacting the Parks and Recreation office. The park has a fishing pond for kids less than 12 years. With parental supervision, this is a great spot to teach children the basics of angling. Take advantage of the children’s fishing derby during the opening week of trout season.

NOTE: After the 1999 Olympic Pipeline explosion which killed three youths, certain sections of Whatcom Falls Park were declared off-limits. Much of the south side of Whatcom Creek west of the stone bridge is closed until further notice.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 10/16/1998


Travel east on Lakeway Drive past Bayview Cemetary. Turn left into the park from the stoplight at Lakeway and Silver Beach Road. Another entrance is on Electric Avenue.


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