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It’s safe to say there aren’t a whole lot of places open past 10 p.m. in Bellingham. That is, places that aren’t filled with smoke, pinball machines and neon beer signs. Lafeen’s bakery is one of those few places. However, to describe it as a bakery would be to limit the possibilities this establishment offers.

The first thing one notices when entering Lafeen’s is the large glass counter which separates the wide-eyed children from the pastries on the other side. The array is breathtaking: gigantic fritters, maple bars, turnovers, twists and raspberry-filled, bear claw and old fashioned donuts. There are also cookies and muffins to tempt those who can get past the arsenal of donuts. If donuts aren’t your thing, Lafeen’s also offers a freezer of ice cream and frozen yogurt, as well as sundaes and milk shakes made on the spot.

To go along with all those pastries is the obligatory coffee in the diner-standard pots as well as an espresso machine. Milk is available, as is hot chocolate for the cold days. A battery of juices presents itself for the health conscious who were dragged into this den of sugar iniquity. This is truly an eatery of the locals. Business cards plaster one section of the wall and post cards cover another. Early in the morning, the donut shop is the domain of the elderly and commuters on their way to work. During the afternoon, Lafeen’s is the territory of school children that crowd the picnic benches of the restaurant. The late night/early morning crowd at Lafeen’s tends to be the college students poring over books or the punk rock kids with no place else to go.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 1/28/1999


It's right across from the main entrance to Whatcom Falls Park next to the minimart.


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