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Pacific Marine
The Pacific Northwest provides a perfect backdrop to inspire area artists, helping their creativity thrive. A veritable treasure chest of local art, Pacific Marine Gallery’s consignment pieces primarily conveys a nautical theme, as well as traditional Northwest Coast Native American art. Since the gallery opened in Old Town about four-years-ago, it has established itself as the place to go for those on the hunt for creations with our region’s unique signature.

A stunning example of an incredible piece of coastal Indian art is the tribal depiction of an Orca head carved out of a huge vertebrae of an actual killer whale. Not only is the bone impeccably crafted, but also the irony of the carving is profound. Other symbolic coastal Indian icons are chiseled out of flat chunks of stone and are coated in a glossy finish. Basalt sculptures of the same influence are some of the more interesting works.

Also compelling is the series of colored pencil drawings showing marine perspectives of the Bellingham area before the turn-of-the-century. Incredibly detailed, these scenes draw attention because of the detail that the color shows, in contrast to the dark appearance historic photographs cast. Pacific Marine Gallery also has oil and watercolor paintings, as well as photo prints of some of this area's most scenic places – with a maritime theme, of course. Prices for these works range anywhere from $10 to several hundred dollars.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 12/24/1998


From Lakeway, take Holly Street through Old Town. It's on the corner of Holly and C Street.


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