Waterfront Tavern


521 W. Holly
Bellingham , WA 98225


Every day 6:00 AM - 2:00 AM


At first glance, there seems nothing glamorous about The Waterfront Tavern on Holly Street in Old Town. The place has the character that a proximate pub might have had 100 years ago when Old Town was New Whatcom. Except you won’t find Capt. Henry Roeder here. And that gunslinger who knocks back bad whiskey like it’s water -- he won’t be here either. At first glance, it would appear that The Waterfront’s drinkers are there to get down to business, wild-west style; it provides a low-key, get-drunk atmosphere for people who are serious about drowning their sorrows in a glass of beer. However, we know better.

To make a face value judgment on The Waterfront Tavern is a huge mistake. They serve the best calamari rings in town. They seem to always have an open pool table and – let’s face it – sometimes you just feel like laying low. There’s plenty of seating, though most of The Waterfront’s customers crouch on stools around the bar, probably to reduce the lag time between the physical ordering process of a beer and the actual time it takes to receive the beer. These things are important at The Waterfront.

The Waterfront Tavern stands on a dock near the mouth of Whatcom Creek at Bellingham’s shoreline. The windows are located in the back of the establishment, near the pool tables and electronic dart boards, and they provide a great setting for watching salmon anglers, sunsets and the changing tides. The Waterfront Tavern is located across the street from Maritime Heritage Park below the Whatcom Museum of History and Art. Maybe you owe someone money and can’t afford to pay them back just yet. Maybe you’re tired of running into your ex-girl/boyfriend at other bars in town. You can avoid all this by coming to The Waterfront – no one will look for you here. That is glamorous in itself.
Written By: Ken Brierly
On: 10/11/1998


From Lakeway, take Holly into the heart of Old Town. The taver is on the left past the creek.


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