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On a brilliantly sunny day in Bellingham, Squalicum Harbor is one of the more pleasant places to be. You can take a walk around the Marina, fly a kite at Zuanich Point Park or sit at the Web Locker Restaurant and have a bowl of chowder. I like taking walks and flying kites, but these activities tend to make me hungry, so I’m always glad that the Web Locker is down there on Coho Way, because I like to eat good chowder, too.

Don’t let me mislead you -- the Web Locker doesn’t just serve good chowder. If you’re out for a walk at the Harbor in the morning, you can plan to have some post-stroll pancakes or an omelet (breakfast is served until 11 am). If you’re down there after the breakfast hour, you’ll have the opportunity to choose something from the generous list of Web Burgers, seafood (fish and chips or fried oysters are on that list) or sandwiches. Their ample refrigerators hold plenty of sodas, juices, water, beer and wine, for folks on the run or boaters heading out for a day on the water.

One of the things I like best about the Web Locker is that on warm days they roll back one or two of the walls of the dining area. The indoor seating and outdoor patio seating become one, large dining area, with a great view of the boats and hustle-bustle of the marina. On a day like that, sitting on the patio with your chowder before you and the sun warming your shoulders, I’m willing to bet that life will feel pretty good.
Written By: Lisa Holt
On: 9/3/2006


In Squalicum Harbor, take a left onto Coho Way (as if you're going to Zuanich Point Park). The Web Locker is immediately on your right.


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