Boomer's Drive-in


310 N Samish Way
Bellingham , WA 98225


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Boomer's Drive-in
There is a reason why Boomer’s Drive-in is always busy. It might be the blast-from-the-past, 50s appeal. It may be the location of a drive-in on a former cruising strip. However, the safe bet would have to be the great burgers and shakes that everyone thinks about as they drive by the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant is a small dining area with a fireplace, which seems at odds with the mural of a hamburger and splattering mustard. However, this isn’t where most of the food gets eaten. Boomer’s is a true drive-in with the stalls and lighted signs next to the car windows so patrons can peruse the menu. You turn your lights on when you’re ready to order. No, there aren’t mini-skirt-clad carhops on roller skates but the staff always has some cute young guys and gals. Kids’ meals come in cardboard pink Cadillac boxes in another nod to the 50s feel of the business.

As the flying neon burger in the window indicates, the main business of the place is hamburgers: big hamburgers and good hamburgers. You can get them any way you want, with Swiss, teriyaki, mushrooms, honey Dijon and a variety of other choices. If you can’t handle the beef try out the veggie, fish and chicken options. That isn’t to say that there are all kinds of fancy, yuppie treats on the menu, mind you. The rest of the menu is purely milkshakes and waffle fries, complementing great burgers.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 10/11/1998


It's right at the end of Samish Way where it turns toward downtown.


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