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Of all the Thai restaurants I’ve been to I would say that 90 percent of them were in strip-malls or shopping centers. Of that 90 percent I would say that 90 percent served great food. And while Busara falls into both categories, it definitely transcends the typical cheesy strip-mall dining experience. Gone are the usual vinyl chairs and Formica tables, and in their place sit handsome, natural wood furnishings and tasteful decor. To one side there’s even a charming little raised area where upon removing your shoes you can dine perched atop comfy cushions, as do the Thai.

After reading the welcome statement on the cover of the menu (where you’ll learn that "Busara" means "yellow topaz"), open it up and discover a world of tasty choices. On a recent visit I started with my usual guilty pleasure, Thai Iced Tea, before deciding on the Crispy Spring Rolls as an appetizer. Made fresh and fried lightly, with a quick dip in the sweet and spicy sauce they set the taste buds singing. I then settled on the Pad See-Ew with beef for an entrée and was very glad I did. Wide rice noodles, broccoli, bean sprouts, black bean sauce, and a side of steamed rice adorned the tender strips of beef in a simple but surprisingly flavorful mix. The spicy index at Busara runs from 1-5 and I ordered my dish as a 4. There was a decent kick to my dish but I was hardly breathing fire, so if you like spicy food I would suggest trying a 5.

The range of traditional beef, chicken, pork, and seafood dishes are impressive, so there’s something new to try every time you visit. If you’re not into the carnivore thing, Busara’s lunch and dinner menus offer plenty of vegetarian options such as Vegetable Curry, Pad Pak Jae (dig that garlic sauce!), and Rama Tofu. With its reasonable prices, nice-sized portions, comfortable environs, and great food, Busara’s the best reason yet to visit the mall.
Written By: Jeff Nelson
On: 4/8/1999


Busara is located in the Sehome Village shopping center.


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