Ginger Boat


240 36th St
Bellingham , WA 98225
(360) 647-6151


Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sun 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The Ginger Boat is a solid, college-oriented eatery, offering generous portions of food without lightening the wallet too much. Tucked into a cozy space in the Sehome Village shopping center, it offers teriyaki, yakisoba, stir-fry and tempura, either for eating in or taking out. While their food won’t win any awards for culinary excellence, it’s good, straightforward stuff -- Asia’s version of meat and potatoes without any fuss. And again, they give you plenty of it.

Orders are placed at the counter, so after wandering up there and perusing the menu, I decided to try the Chicken Yakisoba. I was amused when my meal -- along with everyone else’s at my table -- arrived in a large boat. It wasn’t made of ginger, but a boat indeed it was, and it was filled with Chicken Yakisoba, rice and a small amount of coleslaw of sorts (this last was nestled into the bow of my boat). Both the noodles and rice were cooked just right, and none of my food was too greasy or salty.

When I finally leaned back in my chair, feeling very full, I listened to the hip tunes coming from The Ginger Boat’s speakers and watched college students come in and order take-out. It occurred to me then that, what with the plentiful plates of food, the understated, Asian-style décor and the low-key atmosphere, The Ginger Boat is just the sort of place I would’ve gone to study for awhile, back when I was in college. Nevertheless, I think I can safely guarantee that you’ll enjoy it much more if you don’t have to spread an entire quarter’s worth of notes next to your food on the table in front of you.
Written By: Lisa Holt
On: 1/11/2005


The Ginger Boat is located in the Sehome Village shopping center, just across the parking lot from REI.


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