Kyoto Steakhouse and Sushi Bar


115 North Samish Way
Bellingham , WA 98225
(360) 756-0058


Every day 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The staff at Kyoto Steakhouse and Sushi Bar greets everyone with a warm shout of "welcome" in Japanese. Half sushi bar and half dining room, the restaurant is darkly lit and upon entering, it becomes clear that this will be more of an experience than the typical Bellingham dinner out. To the left, a chef twirls knives to the oohs and aahs of patrons. To the right, another chef calls out sushi orders from behind the bar before placing little works of sushi art onto plates to be delivered by kimono-clad waitresses.

Kyoto serves probably the best sushi around. A favorite is the Bellingham Roll, with avocado, kanimi and cream cheese. Who knows what kanimi is, but it tasted great. Other favorites are the Shrimp Tempura Roll and the Dancing Eel Roll. With 37 kinds of sushi on the menu, it is easy to find something for sushi beginners or those who are feeling adventurous. Beware of the Spider Roll, which actually looks like a spider with its brown soft-shell crab jutting from the rice. As the manager says, you need to work up to certain kinds of sushi.

The hibachi dining room is a great place for special occasions. Entrees are prepared right at the table, with diners applauding at various points during the preparation. Either they are very impressed with the chef's ability to toss and slice food in mid-air or they are relieved that their food did not land on them. New York steak, filet mignon and various combinations of steak and seafood, including lobster, are on the menu. All hibachi entrees include miso soup, salad, an appetizer, veggies and rice. A kid's menu is also available. The temptation to tempura everything extends to dessert. To end the meal on a daring note, try the tempura fried ice cream. It's hard to go wrong when you are having so much fun.
Written By: Diana Wurn
On: 12/5/2000


The restaurant is near Haggen on Samish Way, located in a tiny unassuming strip mall.


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