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Photo Credit: Jamie Heeringa
Tucked below South Hill, Boulevard Park presents the opportunity to enjoy the Bellingham Bay waterfront. However, don't expect sandy beaches and a boat launch -- Boulevard Park has an abrupt, rocky shoreline that protects it from being reclaimed by the sea. This beautiful park bears little resemblance to its industrial history -- if you look closely you can see pilings which were used around the turn of the century for docks, canneries and lumber mills. The park also consists of a strip along the bluff above the main park (accessible by a staircase tower) which provides a good place to watch the sunset.

Boulevard Park is an ideal place to play Frisbee because of long, wide stretches of grass. However, amateurs beware -- the stray Frisbee can go into the bay. Also, the sea breeze makes the park a great place to spot kites on a windy day. From the park, you can walk on a gravel trail that will take you all the way downtown, terminating right behind the Pepper Sister's restaurant on North State Street. You can access this trail after crossing the railroad tracks under the overhead staircase. Another option is to walk the other direction toward Fairhaven on a boardwalk along the water -- a popular spot for crabbing and fishing.

On a sunny day, Boulevard Park can be one of the most beautiful places in Bellingham -- and one of the busiest. The parking lot usually has enough room, however, on special occasions (like the Fourth of July), try parking above along the street. Make sure to bring plenty of suntan lotion and your walking shoes.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 10/16/1998


Boulevard Park can be accessed by the lower parking lot, right where South State turns into 11th St. The park entrance is easy to miss so look carefully. You can also park up above closer to Bellingham along South State St.


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