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Galbraith is for intermediate and expert riders. Miles of logging trails weave throughout the mountain. Be considerate and obey private property signs and, as always, be sure to wear a helmet. To get to Galbraith Mountain, follow the directions to Lake Padden. Continue past Padden on Samish Way until you reach Galbraith Lane. Park in the lot across the street to the right.

Ride up Galbraith lane. Turn right when the private road starts and continue through the gate. Now it's up to you -- there are just too many trails through here. If you keep riding up the hill you will eventually come to the radio towers. If you're into speed, turn around here and you can take a 1,000-foot descent down the road that you just came up. If you are into a more technical trail, continue past the towers on the trail that leads off to the left. It will eventually meet the road that you came up. It has a couple of brutal drop-offs and the ruts are getting pretty bad with all the motor cross riders, but it the best single stretch of trail that I've found so far.

Anywhere you go on the mountain is great. There's more terrain out there than you could handle in a day and it's all fun with ramps up almost every log and a couple good streams to cross. Be sure to hit it after it rains -- the entire mountain turns into an old fashioned Pacific Northwest mud bowl. Starting from the north side of the mountain offers a more difficult ascent but the hard work going up makes for more fun coming down.

Access Galbraith from the other side. Take I-5 exit 253 and turn east on Lakeway Drive. When you get past the cemetery, turn left into Whatcom Falls Park and park you car. From here, ride back the way you came across Lakeway Drive at the light. Follow Kenoyer Drive until you come to Alvarado. Turn left on Alvarado and follow it until you come to a gate at a logging road. From here, just follow the logging road up the mountain. If you want the most speed and air with the smallest effort just ride up until the road comes to a “T” at the left and turn around. If you're more adventurous take the “T” to the left and follow the road up the hill. After a little while the road will start to go back downhill. Off to the right will be some single tracks -- pick one and follow it. It's hard to go wrong, just explore from there.

If anyone out there know the names of the different trail systems on Galbraith and Lookout mountains, I'd appreciate it if you would give me an e-mail and let me know.
Written By: Jason Rose
On: 4/23/1999


To get to Galbraith Mountain follow the directions to Lake Padden. Continue past Lake Padden on Samish Way until you find Galbraith Lane. Park in the lot across the street to the right.


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