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Carl Lobe Park is a small park created in a small triangular lot created by the intersection of the grid layout of the Eldridge Neighborhood streets with Eldridge Avenue that follows the water. Carl Lobe Park is a community parks and is considered a destination for the local neighborhood; hence they do not have any designated parking or restrooms. The play equipment is newer, has a train theme, and is designed for younger children, between the ages of 2-5 years old. The play equipment is in the direct sun; it is better to visit this park on cloudy days, when you need to stay warm, instead of hot sunny days. Larger equipment for older children can be found a few blocks over at Elizabeth Park. There is a very small baseball diamond; maybe the smallest in town without bases the only grassy area. The baseball field is so small the young adults would easily be able to hit beyond its border. One nice thing about Carl Lobe Park is that it is partially walled, so younger children more inclined to run away are restricted by concrete walls. The flora and fauna is of any older variety; flowering carb apples, and rhododendrons, which is not a good match for the younger children the park is geared towards.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 7/23/2010


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