Huckleberry Park


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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
Huckleberry Park rests on Polo Park Drive at the top of a hill in Sudden Valley. The park is named for Huckleberry Court which is the cross street. Huckleberries are edible wild fruit found in mid-alpine regions, often on the lower slopes of mountains. Huckleberry Park feels like an alpine meadow with its mowed lawn on a steep hill. This neighborhood parks provides the children of Sudden Valley a quality play area with its playground equipment for older children. There are five slides, including a slide which Ys into two paths, one steeper then the other. There is shade in the play area, several picnic tables, and a grassy lawn. The lawn is too steep for sports, however allows a nice offset from the neighborhood houses. There are no bathrooms nor parking since it is a neighborhood park.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 9/4/2009


Corner of Huckleberry Court and Polo Park Drive.


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