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2915 Newmarket St. Ste #101
Bellingham , WA 98226
(360) 752-2222


Mon-Fri 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Mon-Fri 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Sat 4:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Sun 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM


When I entered the clean, bright dining room of Little Tokyo, something told me that I’d come to the right place to satisfy my craving for sushi and yakisoba. It could have been the paper lanterns and bamboo screens I saw here and there. It could have been the fact that every corner of the restaurant seemed clean and orderly. It also could have been the small but enticing-looking sushi bar nestled in the corner, right before my eyes as I entered the door. Whatever the subliminal clue, I began to eagerly anticipate my lunch.

Little Tokyo has a very complete sushi menu -- everything from uzura tamago (quail egg) to unagi (fresh water eel) -- and even boasts a "Sushi Happy Hour" every Wednesday from 5pm -- 7pm. I stuck with the basics, and ordered some tuna rolls as an appetizer. When they were placed before me on the table they looked, well, like six very basic tuna rolls. But, their humble appearance belied how delicious they were. The tuna was very fresh and tasted clean and sweet. The rice was still slightly warm, had just a touch of sweetness to it and was perfectly cooked. It was obvious that they’d been prepared with an attentive hand. I felt exactly the same way about the gyoza (I’ve always called them potstickers, but whatever. I’ll call them whatever I need to just to get them on the table in front of me.). The beef yakisoba I ordered for my main course was a generous portion, and I had no complaints about it.

Little Tokyo has a prime location in Barkley Village, located as it is just across the street from the gazebo and fountain. It was very pleasant to sit there on a sunny afternoon and gaze out the window. I could almost pretend that I was somewhere else…maybe even somewhere in Japan. (In any case, the hustle bustle of the Barkley Village Haggen parking lot was nowhere in sight -- an amazing fact, given that it’s no more than a few yards away.) If I had really wanted to perpetuate my "I’m having lunch in Japan" fantasy, I would have bought one of the interesting and charming little items from Little Tokyo’s mini gift shop, in a glass case just under the front desk. Maybe next time I will.
Written By: Lisa Holt
On: 9/19/2004


Little Tokyo is located at the South end of the Barkley Village shopping center, kitty-corner from Haggen, and immediately across from the gazebo and fountain.


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