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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
Blaine Marine Park sits overlooking the sea, the quaintest, most peaceful spot in all of Washington. Beneath a flowering tree is a bench that faces the rocky beach and, further out, the water. Sitting there, under the tree as its blossoms, pink and delicate, drip down on your shoulders, watching the toss of gray out beyond the beach, it is possible to feel as though you have accidentally fallen into a Bronte novel.

But if a picnic is all that's on the agenda, that's do-able too. The park has four picnic shelters, two with two tables each, two with one each, all reserveable. Uncovered and on top of a slight, grassy slope just big enough for a good game of tag, are five more picnic tables. Here, at the bottom of the slope, is the totem pole dedicated to the park by the Claymore family. Tall and alone, it is almost majestic.

If the Claymore's pole is majestic, the beach is simply spiritual. At low tide, you find you are walking on a carpet of shells, like a giant hand swept a huge clutch of them from the sea, crushed and then sprinkled them liberally over the sandy beach. When the grass is freshly mowed, the pungent aroma of salt and green is so earthy it's reverant. You might notice only in passing though, if you are busy at your family reunion on the Orca Platform or watching a play in the Ampitheater. Both are reserveable, and both are clean and spacious enough for a variety of functions.

The Blaine Marine Park is a great spot for a walk on your lunch break, perfect for the yearly office picnic. Tidy and well-kept, it's ideal for hot dogs with your kids, family functions, awards ceremonies and the like. It's certainly worth the drive on a breezy Sunday afternoon.
Written By: Holly Gray
On: 4/27/1999


Head toward the railroad tracks on Marine Drive. Once you cross them , the park will be right there on your right, across the street from the Visitor's Information Center.


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