Donald Montfort Park


2201 Dodd St
Blaine , WA 98230


This undeveloped neighborhood park on a million dollar parcel of land with a magnificent view is a hidden gem of the Blaine Park system. Unmarked and at the end of three streets the neighborhood that it occupies is keeping this park under wraps. This is a waterfront park with no beach, and a steep slope to the water, however on low tide it has good access to the Drayton Harbor tide flats. Completely wooded in, with thick underbrush, there in no play requirement, no picnic tables, and only three underdeveloped trails leading to a treacherous descent down to the tide flats.

It might seem obvious to access the park at the end of Montford Avenue, however there is limited parking on this gravel road, and some forbidding warning signs about the street being a dead end with no turn around. You have better access to the park at the end of the Harborside drive cul dec sac. The park is not marked with a sign, however look for the signs stating that there is no smoking in the park, and walk up the trail.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 7/28/2009


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