Lincoln Park


1798 H St
Blaine , WA 98230


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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
Lincoln Park is a hilly expanse of old growth forest in the North East corner of Blaine that encompasses the utilities for Blaine and a green public space in one area. Amongst the trees lies the water tower, pumping station, and venting for a gas pipeline. The main access road from the base of the hill at H St. and Lincoln is used as a park trail which leads directly up the middle of the park. From the road side trails spur off into the trees to connect the other streets to the heart of the park. In amongst the tree there are covered areas and a scattering of picnic tables, however packing your picnic up the hill would be a chore. The trees are so dense that there is barely any underbrush, just ferns and vine maples, giving the park a natural cathedral feeling. The large trees make the park cool on a hot day and provide sanctuary to the birds, which you can hear singing. The trails are numerous and wide, and would be great for mountain biking. The park is an off leash area for dogs, and the gravel parking lot at H St. and Lincoln has room for a dozen or more cars.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 7/28/2009


Parking lot at the corner of H St. and Lincoln.


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