Peace Arch Park


I-5 International Border Crossing
Blaine , WA


This park’s centerpiece is the Peace Arch, a stunning, large white arch marking the International Boundary. Crowned with the legend "Children of a Common Mother," and consecrated with the ashes of unknown war dead from both countries, it serves as a monument to the mutual respect and shared history between the United States and Canada.

The Arch and gardens of the adjoining Canadian and US parks are easily seen while driving through the border crossing. Both parks also offer a pleasant opportunity to walk among seasonal flower displays, changing outdoor sculpture exhibits, and various historical plaques and monuments. Restroom and picnic facilities provide additional incentive to pause here. When unfortunate border delays temporarily trap vehicles, it is common to see passengers carefully threading their way through traffic to seek a little diversion and peace on the grassy meridian surrounding the Arch.

Though the park is small, there are plenty of other activities you can combine with a visit here. The Blaine Marina offers the Plover water taxi, and across the street the Orca playground and Marine Shore Park, with its salmon sculptures and wildlife viewing, offer something for everyone. On the Canadian side, Semiahmoo Park provides walking and cycling opportunities. And in White Rock, the beach walk, restaurants, and shops provide a delightful seaside experience. So whether you’re driving through or want to do some exploring, spend a little time relaxing in this unique wayside treat.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 7/21/2001


Drive north on I-5, take the last exit before the international border crossing, turn right and follow signs.


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