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Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
Skallman Park could be summarized as a secluded rest stop for dog owners. It has a fenced off-leash area especially made for our four legged friends and it is very close to I-5 Exit 275. However, it is more than that, since the picnic area with two tables is shaded by big evergreens making it a great stopping place for dog owners and non-dog owners alike. Plus the Gazebo on the back side of the park, next to Blaine’s airfield and at the same elevation as the runway is great space for plane spotting. Right next to Blaine’s PUD the park is well maintained with mowed lawns, trash cans, graveled paths and a bulletin board. The Park also boast a pond, filled with algae that is a sanctuary for frogs -- which I am sure that a few dogs have dipped into for a swim on a hot day. The pond has a no swimming sign, however with the covering of algae you would have to be desperate to go swimming here. Unfortunately, the park is slightly noisy next to the freeway and tucked into an industry park that borders the airport.
Written By: Wayne Berry
On: 8/18/2009


Entrance is off of Yew Street. Look for the park sign and drive up the road towards the back.


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