Chada Thai Restaurant

825 Peace Portal Dr.
Blaine , WA 98230


Mon-Fri 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Mon-Fri 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sat-Sun Noon - 9:00 PM


Photo Credit: Wayne Berry
As you enter the restaurant two things are immediately apparent, the Thai decor and the wonderfully expansive marine views. With windows forming three of the walls of the dining area every table has a view. In fact, if the view is important to you, consider sitting back from the waterside booths; the views are noticeably better. If some special outdoor activity suddenly occurs; boat launchings, wildlife sightings, trains passing, then head toward the restrooms. Along the way there’s a large unoccupied window that’ll give you a great view without disturbing other diners.

Once you’ve settled at your table it’s time to orchestrate your meal. If dining with a group, consider family dining by ordering a variety of dishes and sharing. The menu is extensive both in form and ingredients and provides even more options by giving you choices of ingredients including the meats, vegetables, and seafood. Choose from appetizers, soups, salads, wok dishes, fried rice, curry bowls, noodles, the Chef’s special creations and the lunch specials. In the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you want, the exceedingly helpful staff will try their best to have a dish made especially for you. When your food is ready, service is quiet, polite and unobtrusive. The food arrives in measured time without being either hurried or late, and consideration is given to the timing for appetizers and desserts.

Menu items that are prepared with some "heat" or spiciness are clearly marked and typically served mild. If you like really spicy food, proceed with caution. Thai cuisine is potentially one of the hottest in the world so think about whether you really want to ask for that Four-Chile-Pepper version. When the plates arrive, take a moment to appreciate the food’s appearance, chances are it’ll be as good as it looks.

The name of the restaurant, Chada, refers to a jeweled spire-topped crown-like headdress worn by actors in classical Thai Theatre. You’ll see this image on the restaurants sign and menu. The name is a common one for Thai restaurants but don’t be misled. This is a unique establishment and not part of a chain so you’ll enjoy the benefits of the personal attention given by the kitchen and serving staff.

The restaurant’s opening and closing times may vary slightly with the seasons so it’s best not to plan on arriving too early or late. You can also call ahead to confirm their current schedule or make reservations if the times are important to you. The restaurant is a wonderful way to dine in comfort while enjoying the outside view but if you prefer outdoor dining they’ll be glad to pack your order to-go. Look no further than the uncovered picnic tables next to the restaurant if the wind and weather cooperate or go to the nearby Blaine Marine Park (see article this website) and enjoy seashore picnicking.

If you like Thai food you won’t be disappointed and if you’re unfamiliar with it there are plenty of comfortable dishes for you to begin your Thai food dining adventure. You’re not going to confuse Blaine with a location in Thailand but for a meal where the food is as good as the view consider a visit to the Chada Thai restaurant.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 8/19/2009


Chada Thai is located in downtown Blaine on the main north-south road through town, Peace Portal Drive. The restaurant and large sign are clearly visible on the water side of the road with parking in their lot or on the street.


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