Deming Eagle Park


Truck Road, off the Mt. Baker Highway
Deming , WA 98244


Deming Eagle Park
The Deming Homestead Eagle Park is only a tiny detour off the Mt. Baker Highway where you can spend a few moments or the entire day observing the eagles. In winters, salmon spent from spawning, wash up on the sandbars created by the many channels of the river. As if by design, the best feeding areas are furthest from the cars thus allowing the eagles to behave naturally. A pair of binoculars brings the action close and during the winter salmon runs there can be a lot happening.

Interpretive signs along the trail provide information about the eagles and its place in the river ecology. Spaced along the present edge of the river are seven large debris structures. These are made of boulders and large logs bolted and chained together. When the river undercuts them, they will fall in and form naturalistic habitat for salmon and may even slow the erosion caused by past practices.

Looking at this wild and natural setting it’s hard to imagine that a pioneer dairy farm ever existed here. This is the view that Hank and Lorrell Rensick inherited from Hank’s parents, Peter and Martha, who homesteaded this narrow valley bottom. (Thus the "homestead" in the park’s full name which is Deming Homestead Eagle Park.) The Nooksack, a living river, has by twists and turns been reclaiming the farmland. Now instead of cows grazing a tended field, eagles spar over their salmon and chase gulls from their meals.

So whether your spotting eagles, viewing scenery, or checking on the status of the "seven sisters" along the banks; stop by and enjoy a little of nature’s offerings.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 1/22/2001


On the Mt. Baker Highway, go east past the Highway 9 South intersection and turn right on Truck Road. A parking area is just ahead on the right.


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