Everybody's Store


5465 Potter Rd
Deming , WA 98244


Every day 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Everybody’s Store is more than a place to buy things. Trying to list its complete inventory would be an exercise in futility because you're really describing an event. And like most events, you have to go there and experience it.

Jeff Margolis, the store's long-time owner, has gathered the Whatcom County experience and condensed it under one roof. Here you can find honey produced by bees in Van Zandt, canned salmon from local fisherman, cheeses and breads made locally, organic fruits and vegetables grown within an apple’s throw of the back door. His Landjaeger hunter sausage has been custom-made for him by three generations of the same family. Here you will find what you need, whether you're looking for a hearty hand-built sandwich to sustain your day’s activities, a special treat for your homeward-bound trip, or to stock up the cabin for the weekend.

As the name implies, this is "everybody’s" store and that includes everybody in the world. I like the photo of a satisfied customer munching on one of those Landjaeger sausages in Patagonia, Argentina. In the back are musical instruments from Thailand. The local mohair socks share the shelf with wool socks from Turkey. Medicinal teas blended in the store are across the aisle from handcrafted educational toys. Greeting cards from local artist face a rack of Hawaiian shirts.

The experience doesn’t stop in the store. Out the front door you can see a waterfall cascade from the skyline of the Van Zandt Crag. From the store, you can even hike a short distance to glimpse a view of the Twin Sisters that Jeff describes as reminiscent of Nepal. Or, why not enjoy a snack at one of the picnic tables under the fruit trees behind the store and soak up the essence of this beautiful valley?

Local and exotic, upscale meeting down-home, it really is Everybody’s Store. Check out their extensive web site for a sampling of their inventory, local links, and interesting driving variations.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 2/7/2000


Just 2 miles south of the Mount Baker Highway (542) at the sharp bends on Highway 9 in Van Zandt.


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